Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hectic Life of a wannabe Author

My dream is to be a real, full-time author. But life, bills and overall day to day adventures seem to slow me down. As I write this, I am planning the rest of my day. 1st: finish this blog. 2nd: start a load of laundry. 3rd: do the dishes. 4th: clear rest of day to do edits for my story in EC's Something Wicked This Way Comes III anthology.
I spent the better part of the early morning updating my website. Boy, that was behind the times.
I added 2 new covers. One I didn't know was available. Silken Seductions which releases in November, 2012.
I also added the cover for the most recent novel (book 4) in the Cursed MacKinnon series. This book is in edits and I don't have a release date as of yet.

Is it wrong to hope to win the lottery? I don't want millions. Just enough to pay off my debt so I can stay home and write. Writing keeps me sane. It's my way of letting the voices out of my head. Instead to doing what they say, I tell their stories for them so they don't take over and make me do naughty things. LOL!

Is there something you'd rather be doing on a daily basis?
Please let me know that I'm not alone in this pursuit of happiness and sanity.
Share your fantasy :)
Tara Nina
Hot Romance~Sexy Attitude


Cris Anson said...

Wishing you a winning lottery ticket, Tara. With the grueling schedule you have, it's a wonder you put out as many great books as you do. Keep at it!

Shelley Munro said...

Hi Tara,

Hubby and I are waiting in line to win the lottery too :) it's hard when real life gets in the way of dreams. We'd love to do more travel than we currently manage.

You've got some great covers there :)