Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today would've been my mother's 93rd birthday. She passed away in 1997, so there won't be a birthday celebration or party today. She isn't the only loved one I've lost. My father passed away in 1975, my oldest sister in 1998, my husband in 2004, my brother in 2006.

Being the baby of my family, I've lost many relatives over the years, some I barely knew since they were so much older than I. There's always sadness to lose a loved one, but memories keep them alive in my heart.

I have many memories of loved ones, but certain ones come to my mind first when I think of someone. My mother made this incredible chocolate gravy. Yes, chocolate gravy! She'd make it for supper sometimes and serve it over buttered biscuits. Not the healthiest meal, but so good.

My father whistled. I'd be in my bedroom, working on homework, and I'd hear him whistling while he came down the hall toward my room. He'd pop in every evening to check on me. I think he wanted to be sure his baby was okay.

My sister was twelve years my senior. She married a career Navy man when I was eight and they lived all over the world, so I didn't get to see her very much. I remember her smile most of all. She had beautiful teeth and our father's blue-gray eyes. Her face would light up when she smiled. Plus she gave great hugs.

My brother called me Squirt, which was appropriate since I'm 5'3" and he was 6'1". He was sixteen years my senior. He'd tease me when I was a kid by putting his hand on my forehead and holding me in place while I tried to hit him. I'd end up laughing along with him.

My husband loved to fish. Boy, did he love to fish! He went almost every day, so we always had plenty of fish to eat. He loved to cook, so I didn't have to do anything with the fish except eat it, which I happily did. He was an artist and created acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, and ceramics. "Always" was his favorite song to sing around the house. I can't hear it without thinking of him.

I treasure the loved ones I still have in my life. My sister is the best sister in the world. I have beautiful nieces and handsome nephews. I have stepchildren and step-grandchildren who are so special. I have wonderful friends, including all of the Sizzling Scribes.

I'm creating new memories every day. They make me smile and cheer me when I'm sad. They're all precious, and something I'll have forever.

Do you have a special memory of a loved one? Share it with me.



Ruby Storm said...

Aww, Lynn.
What a wonderful tribute to the ones you've loved. Your mom is beautiful!

Sending you big hugs!

Diana Hunter said...

Beautiful, Lynn {{hugs}}

There was a group of us who hung around together in college and remained friends after graduation. This summer we lost a member of that gang. He had cancer and I'm just glad we got to see him over Easter and say farewell.

To those who have gone before!


N.J.Walters said...

What a beautiful tribute to your family. The picture of your mom is gorgeous!