Monday, February 18, 2013

New release!

Jumping in quick to let you all know I have a new release. UNDER HIS SPELL is written under my Mystic Shade nom de plume since it deals with "the shadier sides of our desires." (wicked grin)

This full-length novel is available in all ebook formats, but be warned! It contains scenes of hypnotism, bondage, whipping and other BDSM activities. It ain't for the faint of heart, that's for darn sure.

The blurb is in the sidebar (now edited), but here's an excerpt to whet your appetite:

by Mystic Shade
All Rights Reserved


Alex silently slid back the panel in the door that opened a tiny window into the cell beyond. Curled into a fetal ball, the remains of a once-proud, independent woman lay sobbing after her most recent use. From here he could see the cum smears on her ass cheeks from where the men had taken her tiny hole with their massive cocks – and he smiled.
Sliding the panel shut, he turned to the older woman beside him. “This one is nearly broken?”
“Very nearly, sir. She still sobs, which implies she still has resistance, despite the contract she signed. A few more sessions and she will be ready for the next step of her training.”
“Excellent, Annabel. You have done well, as always.”
“Of course I have, sir. I was trained by the best.”
Alex heard the pride in the woman’s voice and had the good sense not to smile. Hand-picked from the offerings at the very first slave auction his family ever held, the now-elderly woman had lost none of her own discipline and training. Since his father’s untimely death, “Miss Annabel” had become simply “Annabel” to him, and an invaluable asset in keeping the family’s side business going.
“Let me see the next one.”
“This way, sir. Follow me.”
The woman’s thinness might lead one to think her a frail old lady, but Alex had to smile as she led the way down the brightly lit cinder-block corridor to the next cell. Anyone fooled by her small size would have that illusion immediately dispelled by the crisp command in a voice that brooked no disobedience.
A month before his thirtieth birthday, Alex Davidson had become full owner of his family business when his father died of a heart attack while in Miss Annabel’s arms. It was a wonderful way to go and he hoped someday he might find a slave of his own who would be as dedicated as the woman beside him was to his father.
He paused before the next cell, the thick door muffling but not silencing the strident voice coming from within.
“Get me the fuck out of here. You can’t keep me chained like this. I demand to see a lawyer. Who the fuck do you all think you are?”
Alex only raised an eyebrow at Annabel who shrugged. “A new acquisition. Just came in this morning.”
Alex nodded, opening the panel to a string of vituperation. “Fuck you! Open that fucking door and let me the fuck out of here. This isn’t what I signed the fuck up for.”
“Does she know any other adjective?” Alex’s voice was deliberately calm and impersonal.
“Not that we’ve heard, sir.”
Alex chuckled at Annabel’s tone. Still, he had to ask. “And her paperwork is all in order?”
Annabel’s dry look was all the confirmation he needed. His father had always been adamant. No slave who wasn’t here willingly. Each woman had to not only sign a contract, but also sign in front of witnesses of her own choosing.
The scream from inside the chamber made Alex chuckle again. Getting past the second thoughts was always the loudest part of the training.
“No food or water until she learns how to say ‘please’.”
“Fuck you!”
Alex shut the panel with finality. He’d enjoy watching this one fall. Always far more fun to break the ones with spirit than the crybabies who were scared of their own shadows.
His father always kept three slaves in various states of training, feeling that to have too many spread the attention too thin. Alex had been running the business for a year and thought they could handle as many as five, but kept to his father’s model for now. So far, it had worked well. But times were changing and the demand had grown. He had some new ideas of his own he wanted to try and in fact, had already put some into practice with Annabel’s assistance. But there was one more cell, and one more slave-to-be to see.
“Show me the last one.”
With a smile that would have chilled a lesser man, but which said to Alex that Annabel liked the way this next one was coming, the woman walked to the end of the corridor, pausing beside the third cell. Again Alex slid open a panel to peer inside.
The slender woman inside turned at the slight sound, dropping to her knees and facing the door. He’d caught her in the act of doing a series of stretches slaves were expected to do to keep themselves limber. But now she knelt on her heels, her knees spread wide, her hands behind her head and her breasts pushed forward in offering, her eyes down in submission. There hadn’t been a moment’s hesitation in her move.
“This one will fetch a good price,” Annabel told him, and Alex saw a blush of pride come up in the woman’s cheeks.
“Excellent. You have done a marvelous job, Annabel.”
The older woman pursed her lips and only Alex understood the look for a smile.
“Thank you, sir.” She indicated the woman inside. “You have been away and have not had the opportunity to sample this one’s talents. Shall I send her to you?”
“Has she been tested?”
“I take it she passed?”
“She begged at the door for entrance.”
He smiled. “Then send her to the office. I want her services worked into tomorrow’s schedule.”
Annabel nodded. “Yes, sir.”
Alex shut the panel and followed the older woman along the corridor, parting with her at the elevator to the office building above them.
“We are glad to have you back, sir.”
He paused in the elevator. “Thank you, Annabel. I am very glad to be back.”

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

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