Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States. Fans root all season for their favorite team to land in one of the two coveted spots in the Super Bowl. Millions are spent on this one game. Fans pay big for a seat in the stands. Homebound fans throw big time parties celebrating the event. At some point, it doesn't matter who is playing. It's the simple fact it's a reason for sports fans to gather and party. Loads of beer is guzzled. Snacks are devoured. Dips and chips galore. Gotta love a great dip. :)
And Football pools are formed. Millions of dollars are bet on this one game alone. Even I threw in $20 and put my name in a box in the hopes of coming out a winner. Fingers crossed for my numbers to at least happen during a quarter. LOL!
But, I have to admit the main reason I watch the game at all...1) to spend time with the family but
2) to watch the commercials. The Super bowl has the best commercials of all time.
My favorites are the Budwieser commercials with the Clydesdales. Gotta love them big beautiful beasts. But there was one commercial that I'll never forget. It made me smile and even today, it still can bring a smile to my face when I remember it. Mean Joe Green, a little boy, a coke and dirty jersey. Everyone knows that one. Did you smile? I did just writing the words.
So to all the fans out there, I know there are others like me. What's your favorite reason to watch the Super Bowl? Do you have a favorite Super Bowl commercial?
The half time shows have gone too far overboard for me. It's the commercials that rule.
Tell me your favorites.
Tara Nina


Diana Hunter said...

I gave my student's a homework assignment this weekend to watch something with a plot and then pick out its parts (exposition, conflict, rising action, climax and resolution). Told them length of what they watched didn't matter as long as it had all the parts. Then we watched old Super Bowl commercials and did a quick plot analysis. Boy, were they surprised to discover each one was a short, one-minute story!

So I'll be getting several reports on the commercials tomorrow in class... :)

Diana Hunter said...

Sorry...should be "students", not "student's" -- plural, not possessive!

Lynn LaFleur said...

I watch the Super Bowl because I'm a tremendous football fan. Doesn't matter which teams are playing (although I'm partial to the Cowboys) as long as it's football.

I love the Budweiser commercials too. The one a few years back where the horses bowed with Ground Zero in the background made me cry every time I saw it.