Monday, February 25, 2013

Wicked Good Fun!

I've got a new story coming out this Wednesday from Ellora's Cave. It's called On Being Wicked.

If you've read either "Fairy Dust" or "Marvin and the Three Bears," you'll understand the havoc that is created with some of the sexed-up Fairy Dust gets thrown on Rapunzel.

On Being Wicked is short and sexy and has some good chuckles as well. Below you'll find the back cover blurb and a quick taste of the tale.  Enjoy!

On Being Wicked

Takes place in the world of Fairy Dust and Marvin and the Three Bears.
Discovering a prince is secretly visiting her prisoner, Rapunzel, the evil witch decides to punish them bothuntil a little harmless meddling from a substitute Fairy Godmother transforms her from harried hag to horny hottie.
Now theres no time for hexing, what with all the sexing, including a hands-on (and mouth-onand tongue-on) warm-up courtesy of Rapunzel and her prince, and a lusty punishment from two gorgeous guys who put the wood in woodsmen.
The witch is about to discover just how wicked she can be.
Inside Scoop: This story has just enough sexed-up Fairy Dust to produce a hint of female/female fun, a pinch of male/male pleasure and a heaping helping of ménage.

Chapter One

Marvin reached his hands above his head and stretched, savoring the strain in his muscles, the ache in his ass. He smiled at the not-so-subtle reminder of how he’d spent the night.

Flu had taken down half the Fairy Godmothers in Fairy Tale Land and he hadn’t been able to visit his Bears for three days. Papa Bear had taken out his frustration on Marvin’s ass in the most delightful way.

Marvin giggled. He might have to miss a few visits if that was the reaction he got from Alex.

And perhaps not by choice. Several Fairy Godmothers were still out so he had to jump back into the role. This morning he was monitoring Rapunzel. He sighed. It was one of his least favorite tales. Everyone was miserable for most of the story.

He glanced into the Looking Glass and waited as the scene cleared. The tale began. The woman who lived next door stole the lettuce from the witch’s backyard. The witch demanded the couple’s child as payment.

“If anyone needs to get laid, it’s her,” Marvin muttered. “Getting pissy because someone ate your lettuce?”

He looked over at the sparkling, silver-and-gold Happily Ever After Fairy Dust spinning in its jar on the counter. That’s what she needs…some of Marlena’s special sexed-up Fairy Dust.

He chuckled. No, he couldn’t do that. It would be wrong.

And a little bit funny.

But wrong.

He tapped his fingers on the edge of the Looking Glass, reminding himself that as second-in-command of Fairy Tale Land, he had responsibilities. He couldn’t just change a tale because he didn’t like it.

But then he thought about how well his own tale had turned out. Maybe mixing up some of the traditional stories wasn’t such a bad idea…

He sighed and continued monitoring the story. The tale progressed as it should. Rapunzel locked in the tower, growing up, her hair growing long. The witch visiting and calling for the hair to be dropped down.

I can’t believe kids read this shit, he thought. Who would have a braid long enough and strong enough to support the weight of a human body? And the witch is no lightweight.

Marvin sighed again. At last, it was almost time to add the regular Happily Ever After Fairy Dust. The prince walked toward the tower, ready to visit his beautiful blonde. The witch stepped out of the forest, freezing as she saw the prince call for Rapunzel to let down her hair.

Damn, this story needs a boost.

His gaze flicked once again to the sexed-up Fairy Dust, the sparkles swirling lazily in the jar.

“Oh, what the hell.”

Before he could think better of it, Marvin grabbed the jar and scooped out a small handful. He took a breath, closed his eyes and opened his palm over the Looking Glass.

The gold-and-silver sparkles floated down toward the scene. He waited. Listening. Holding his breath until he heard the telltale, “Ah-choo!”

The edge of his mouth kicked up in a knowing smile and he leaned over the side to watch.

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Darn. Another one of your books to buy thanks for the tease